Tuesday, October 19, 2004

PCMM (www.pcmoddingmy.com) will be having a LAN party at Times Square on the 11th of December from 11am till 9pm.Monitors will be provided so you only have to bring your computer,keyboard,mouse and speaker/headphones.The entrance fee would be RM 20 which will include pizza and drinks.Competition games is being decided now at PCMM's website.Top 2 games that wins the poll will become the competition games where the winners for each game will win some expensive hardware's.After the competition participants will be given free time to enjoy whichever games you prefer with other gamers present there.So dont miss this chance.If you are not good in games,fret not...you wont be going back home empty handed.Everybody who participate will win something...so you wont be walking back home empty handed,thats for sure.
So...if you are interested, sign up at www.pcmoddingmy.com/forum and look for me or any other admins,referring to me if they ask anything.Sign up your name now.You will profit in whichever direction you look at it,so join up and enjoy the fun...
OOO..another side note.We even invited luige the wcg nfsu champion as our special guest and talks are underway with hitz.Xfresh and pcmag will pay us a visit too.This is for sure going to be the best LAN party ever.