Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ishhhhh,i hate dial-up.I wan my DSL have nothing better to do so i might as well blabber some bullshit here.Ummm..let me think,what can i say here...the weather is good here,windy;nice weather to go out for a walk but kinda lazy to move my butt so i might as well stay at home to catch up on my studies.
Enough of that bullshit..i might as well get you guys updated on some other stupid thing.If you guys are really into stupid jokes...check out the forum at you will soon find out that you can get a whole lot of laughter there..hehhe.Just hang out there for a couple of hours and read the posts there.No doubt that there are some tech news there,but mostly people just hang out there just to talk about their love life...oh man,how pathetic are they.Questions like "how do i get a gf","when is your first kiss" and some other stupid things.I always stop by there to read some nice topics and get some good laugh.
Maybe i will stop by there now and see what is up...


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