Thursday, May 13, 2004

I am exhausted,i had 6 hours of lecture and tutorial at once.From 4-10in the night.I am having a really bad headache now too thanks to the lecturer.

Ok,today i think i will talk about XP.Yup,the extremely buggy and "holey" OS.Sometimes i really wonder why people still use it when it's so unstable and buggy.Hmpphhh,maybe they just got used to Microsoft products.I myself have tried linux and they are much better compared to XP.If it wasnt for the lack of support and software for it,i would be using linux full time.There are so many distro out there.

Since majority of the people out there are still stuck with XP,i have a recommendation for you guys and gals.GET XP SERVICE PACK 2.It's a must.It's bundled with the latest patches and updates.So it's much more secure so you can expect less worms and virus getting into you lovely PC.Service pack 2 dont change how XP work or it's looks,it simply add more security feature to it.That's all for today.



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