Monday, May 17, 2004

Didn't have much time to post on the weekends, cause i went out with friends.Happy timessss....Enjoyed it a lot.Hanging out with them made me forgot about all the stress of vector,maths and blarh blarh.
There isn't much update during the weekend but i did found something worth mentioning.Did anybody know about E3.It ended last Friday and now i am busy downloading all the movies and trailers of it.Wow..there are so many nice games that are coming out this year.I am drooling already,but i gotta have a new graphics card first.Meaning, i have to cough up RM500 for that very very pricey junk.
I am still eyeing on Far Cry.It will be the very first game i am playing after i buy my graphics card.Issshhhhhh.Cant wait anymore.
Any of you guys have a nice game worth mentioning..??


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