Friday, May 14, 2004

As you all know about a month ago,Google introduced their Gmail and it offered 1GB of mail storage...Everybody thought they were crazy and it was a prank as it was introduced on April Fools day,but soon,as more and more people got their Gmail account for testing they thought that Google made a smart move.Not everybody cared about the privacy side of Gmail.Gmail offered 1GB but at a price,google will go through your mail and put advertisements on your browser based on your e-mail.

Today,i read about Yahoo is going to upgrade their storage capacity to 100MB.It isn't much but Yahoo promises no ads and no privacy threat myself will prefer this compared to Google's Gmail.I am a Yahoo fan and i have always used their software.Now that they came out with this brilliant idea,i salute them.Ok ok i admit i am exaggerating but hey,i am going to have 100MB of storage.Besides their mail,they are also adding more capacity to Photos and Briefcase...i am delighted about this news as well.Nice work Yahoo.

I think the storage war is just beginning.I will be expecting news from Hotmail soon.Who knows what kind of ideas they are having now.Can't wait....


Blogger Refresh said...

Yeah, I agree. The storage war is just begining. If you really think about it.. it shouldn't have taken this long with as cheap as data storage has become over the last couple of years.

May 14, 2004 at 8:31 AM  

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