Sunday, May 30, 2004

Sorry...i am quite busy these few weeks so i cant get a chance to find some interesting news for you guys,but i did notice some sort of a suprise this few weekends .Some of the famous worm/virus writer have been caught and suprisingly they admited.They are serving jail sentence as you are reading through.Hehehehe.:)
Does that mean we will see less worms/virus..?I highly doubt so,i do think that wwordm/virus writer will learn to cover up their ass better.In the past few days,a worm that was written to target a 64-bit OS was found.There are only a handfull of 64-bit user out there(for desktop)..and we are already seeing worms that are written to target them.What will happen when all of us switch.Hell i presume.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

OK.A lot of people out there don't really understand windows.When windows bootup,there are plenty of services that launch with it.Some of those services are necessary but most of them are useless and they only take up spaces and your memory.Ever wonder why your system takes so long to bootup.That's the reason.
You can solve this minor problem easily.Firstly go to your start,click on it of course.Abuthen.Ahahah.Ok,next you select Run.Then type services.msc.Then a window will open,don't be afraid of all those mumbo jumbo.Connect to the net then go to the left panel you will see Windows XP Services.Scroll down till you see the table.Refer to the display name and "Safe"...follow them.Disable those that are advised to be turn off.
But please read what the services do before turning them off.Maybe some you will need.
Adios for now...listening to hoobastank:the reason..nice.:P

Monday, May 17, 2004

Didn't have much time to post on the weekends, cause i went out with friends.Happy timessss....Enjoyed it a lot.Hanging out with them made me forgot about all the stress of vector,maths and blarh blarh.
There isn't much update during the weekend but i did found something worth mentioning.Did anybody know about E3.It ended last Friday and now i am busy downloading all the movies and trailers of it.Wow..there are so many nice games that are coming out this year.I am drooling already,but i gotta have a new graphics card first.Meaning, i have to cough up RM500 for that very very pricey junk.
I am still eyeing on Far Cry.It will be the very first game i am playing after i buy my graphics card.Issshhhhhh.Cant wait anymore.
Any of you guys have a nice game worth mentioning..??

Friday, May 14, 2004

As you all know about a month ago,Google introduced their Gmail and it offered 1GB of mail storage...Everybody thought they were crazy and it was a prank as it was introduced on April Fools day,but soon,as more and more people got their Gmail account for testing they thought that Google made a smart move.Not everybody cared about the privacy side of Gmail.Gmail offered 1GB but at a price,google will go through your mail and put advertisements on your browser based on your e-mail.

Today,i read about Yahoo is going to upgrade their storage capacity to 100MB.It isn't much but Yahoo promises no ads and no privacy threat myself will prefer this compared to Google's Gmail.I am a Yahoo fan and i have always used their software.Now that they came out with this brilliant idea,i salute them.Ok ok i admit i am exaggerating but hey,i am going to have 100MB of storage.Besides their mail,they are also adding more capacity to Photos and Briefcase...i am delighted about this news as well.Nice work Yahoo.

I think the storage war is just beginning.I will be expecting news from Hotmail soon.Who knows what kind of ideas they are having now.Can't wait....

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I am exhausted,i had 6 hours of lecture and tutorial at once.From 4-10in the night.I am having a really bad headache now too thanks to the lecturer.

Ok,today i think i will talk about XP.Yup,the extremely buggy and "holey" OS.Sometimes i really wonder why people still use it when it's so unstable and buggy.Hmpphhh,maybe they just got used to Microsoft products.I myself have tried linux and they are much better compared to XP.If it wasnt for the lack of support and software for it,i would be using linux full time.There are so many distro out there.

Since majority of the people out there are still stuck with XP,i have a recommendation for you guys and gals.GET XP SERVICE PACK 2.It's a must.It's bundled with the latest patches and updates.So it's much more secure so you can expect less worms and virus getting into you lovely PC.Service pack 2 dont change how XP work or it's looks,it simply add more security feature to it.That's all for today.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

There are 2 kinds of people that you can find working in any computer shop.

1:They are the people that have the knowledge in selling computers and know what they are selling.The in's and out's of a computer.These are the people that deserve my respect.
2:They are the moron that knows nothing about computer.When a customer comes and ask them what is this and that,they will give you a textbook explanation.Why would i want a textbook explanation,i can simply save the energy and find myself.We do have Google available to us.Furthermore,when you want to buy parts and ask for some recommendation,they will simply point you to the highest price available on their price list hoping you would buy it,giving him more profit or blarh blarh other reasons.

So my advice to all the people out there is bring along a tech-savvy friend or a geek if you want to shop for anything PC related stuff.If not you will be slaughtered by those morons.

Monday, May 10, 2004

OK...i am just back from my lecture.I have the whole day to myself.Maybe gonna catch up with some of my studies but not before posting here of

I just found out that one of my friend got the gaobot redirected her to symantec of course.I am such a good friend.Hope her all the best,if not it's time to pop in the XP CD and reformat.Heheheh.

Before i forgot again.I mentioned about a site worth visiting yesterday.The URL is sure to stop by there and if you happen to see my name in the forum,just send me a message.I will surely help you in any PC related problem you have.That's the reason i am

Not much time to post these days.Busy with my first year and bugging the hell out of my mom for a car.I am back though so let the conundrum of tech begin again.

First order of business,thebroken is down.That SUCK big time.I kinda love that site.Too bad it has to go down,but the good news is i found a site that offer some pretty nice tech news and a going-to-be good forum too...yeaaaaaa.I will link it in my site.Check it out.

Second,all the techtv staff is said to be fired by Comcast is very very funny indeed.They are finally getting rid of those ridiculous fools.They claim to be a tech show but they only thing i have seen from them are some reviews and stupid answers to stupid questions asked by baffoons.Dont get me wrong here,you can ask noobie question but please and oh please....dont ask on national television.It's just making a fool out of yourself.Stupid o stupid.

Thirdly,i just wanna warn everybody out there about SASSER.If you still dont have a clue on what it is then let me brief you on it.SASSER is a worm,kinda like BLASTER(if you remember that),if you pc is infected by SASSER then your PC reboots and basically it starts again without any much harm.That's all it does,it doesnt affect your PC in anyway,it only causes it to reboot.Thats it.SO guys and gals get yourself a firewall,anti-virus and get the patch from it now...