Thursday, January 15, 2004

At last microsoft is promoting a personal firewall day..they are promoting firewall's.Thats strange ahahha.They used to hate them and think that there is no need for a firewall to even exist.Now they are promoting it and even consider to turn on their built-in firewall with the coming of service pack 2 of windows XP...
Firewall is really an essential tool if you want to surf the web.Without firewall you are exposed to danger of the web, virus,worms, exploits and others.
SO boys and girls...get one now.i recommend Zone Alarm.You can get it here

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

War of the MP3 Players
I read today's tech news that more and more mp3 players are increasing their storage capasity but shrinking their size...this is good news indeed.A few weeks ago apple came out with the mini i-POD and many complained about the price.I dont think apple is going to keep the price up when they hear that their rivals is doing the same move.
Products like Zen and iRiver is becoming more and more popular because of the simple fact that it doesnt need iTunes to operate.I really like this feature.Although i-POD remains slick and nice too use but i dont think people will pay big bucks just to enjoy the slick look.In the coming future i think that other mp3 players will thake the crown off i-POD.

Monday, January 12, 2004

ok..since there is no news today,i am going to talk about forums that are worth visiting..
first off it thebroken
then there is also Callforhelp
and it's sister Screen Savers
ermmm there is also Hardware
these are the most popular sites there are for computer-related your problems here and get you answer in leass than 24 hours.
try thebroken.i love it.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

PC reign...
Dont get me wrong but i like PC's but i also like apple products expecially their new G5 and their mini products.Apple always go for the elegant look.I love them for that.Their GUI is revolutionary but nowadays there arent many apple users out there.I simply cant figure out why,but i think the major reason is people nowadays are lazy and they dont want to learn and spend extra money for an apple.What a waste...but i do support PC also(kinda two-minded person).PC s great for general purposes but apple is good for audio,picture and video editing.There is no other pc out there that can match the capability of a G5.
According to my sources,pc is everywhere and will stay that way.Sorry for those apple fanatics and yeeee for PC lovers.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Better Safe than Sorry is what i recommend to keep you pc a healthy one..
1: run an anti-virus
2: run a firewall
3: run spybot search&destroy
4: run ad-aware
5: update daily and not weekly

always scan your system from time to time to make sure your pc is in tip top condition.if you are a little paranoid like me,then you could erase your cookies and other temporary files daily.XP has a diskcleaner that does a pretty good job at that.If you arent satisfied then give TuneUp Utilities 2003 a try,but it's shareware.Means you gotta pay to use it but you could do some magic stunts so that you dont need to pay...ahahahha.LOL...shhhhhhh.

ok ok...ermm.i create this blog so that i can do what i like which is computer of course...
here is a brief history of me and my comp's...
the first comp i got was a 486 and i only knew how to play games on it,besides that i dont think i have done anything usefull on it.i never did have any interest in computer when i was young but when i entered high school i got hook on it.i started asking why and why this happen and soon i learned about dos and lots more.i am currently in university and looking forward to major in computer.
you must be wondering what i have system is a AMD 2500+,with 512 ram,geforce4(i dont do much gaming),altec lansing(i just love my sound quality) and a few more...
well that's it for today,i will constantly update this blog with all the latest news in the world of technology..wooohooo.